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  • Return-on-investment calculator for cloud-based management software to help gain actionable insights to maximise profitability for SME's.

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    Metis is smart cloud software that helps SME business by managing the sales pipeline, job profitability, resource allocation, timesheets & expenses. It brings everything together to give 20:20 foresight for the business, helping them to focus on what really matters.

    Metis was acquired by Brighter Connections Group in September 2017.

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    Web development platform

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    Ed's a brilliant designer with the rare ability to make the complex simple and then seamlessly integrate his work into existing designs. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.

    Jonathan Peachey, Co-Founder and Director

    • Project requirements

      Metis wanted an ROI calculator tool designed which would be housed on Metis' website. The requirements were outside of the expertise of their marketing agency, so I took on a short 2 day project to design an ROI calculator based on a spreadsheet of data provided, and I then helped work on the interaction design with a specialist UX Engineer to see the ROI tool through to implementation on the website.

      Based on being provided with a spreadsheet of formulas, the client wanted the user to have the ability to enter some numbers and the calculator will mash it up with a bit of light maths and presents some results back to the user. When I initially spoke with the client we discussed entering numbers as a first step, pressing some sort of "submit" button and then spitting out the results on the next page.

    • Solution

      One of the most pleasing things about the solution I designed was that I found a way to present the results directly on screen to right hand side of the field entries so the user could see the impact of their field entries immediately. I worked alongside a highly skilled UX Engineer to check what I was designing was possible to implement, and we came up with a design which animated the results dynamically as the user adjusted the fields.

      We also provided plenty of helpful tips and messages for users not so familiar with investments, and implemented good ux practises such as ensuring the user couldn't type a letter for example, in a numerical field. We also enabled the user to not only use the + and - options against some of the questions, but also gave the the ability to type their number.

      Overall the client was delighted with the results from what was just 2 days work.

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