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  • Data economy platform for organisations to create offers in exchange for user data

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    DataTrader is a new model for data acquisition, one that is based on complete transparency, direct communication, and fair reimbursement. The platform offers marketeers and researchers the ability to speak to their audience directly, asking them for the exact data they need and to offer users an incentive in exchange for their data. The mobile app enables users to be in control of the exact data they wish to exchange in return benefits such as money, vouchers and discounts or to offer their data as a donation (to a charity for example). DataBuyers can ask for data without any personal identity identifiers (PII), so that users can preserve their privacy when they share it.

    My role was to work on the UX/UI design across the desktop platform which enables organisations to create various offers to collect the exact data they are wanting from their target audiences including a complex condition builder to drill down into the exact data requirements. I also worked on the UX/UI for the mobile app which is where the users receive data offers from companies and can then follow the necessary steps to complete the data exchange. 

    Project type

    Web platform and mobile app

    Business sector

    Data economy

    Ed has consistently produced work of the highest standard, working across a variety of desktop and mobile apps within our data economy technology suite one of which was the DataTrader platform. Thank you Ed!

    Theresa Rabing, Product Manager at HATDeX

    Data acquisition platform & mobile app

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