Principles – Ed Kemp

75% of venture-backed startups fail. In a crowded marketplace, a great user experience is essential.

My background

With 15 years industry experience in central London on a variety of tech projects ranging from startups to enterprise businesses, I have had broad exposure to most aspects of what it takes to create digital products.

I now work with a small specialist client base offering freelance senior level UX design for complex platforms, bespoke web applications, and innovative mobile apps. Taking on the right type of projects to suit my expertise, enables me to continue to service my clients to a high standard.


  • Care to an exceptional level

    To stand out in a crowded marketplace, you have to care to an exceptional level. There are no shortcuts to quality.

    The more time you put into research, understanding requirements, listening to your users and sculpting your product, the better chance you will have of success.

  • Minimum Viable Product

    Whilst the highest quality work is something I always strive for,  I try and hold that tension alongside the 'minimum viable product' (MVP) methodology.

    When working with my clients, I try and guide them with regards to grouping together similar and related functions to help plan the right functional releases in the right order for the specific user cases.

  • User Centred Design

    What would it looks like to design products that people actually LOVE using? Listening and involving real people and hearing the struggles they have and the problems they need to overcome is vital to the success of a product.

    I aim to listen first and understand current problems, then using my expertise and knowledge I look to innovate and design solutions to solve these problems.

  • Creating strong foundations

    Getting the core actions identified and then designing around these to create the right flow through the application is critical to get right first.

    It is vital to spend the time crafting the user journey, structure, layout, navigation etc as this forms the very foundations of the product. Once all this has been worked out, we can then work on designing the right look and feel.

  • Moments of delight

    Providing your users with moments of delight is key to them having a great experience using your product. Delight can come in the form of a useful suggestion/tip, humour or a beautifully designed interaction.

    It can also be as simple as helping your user to find exactly what they are looking for where they expect to find it.