Hello world!

This is my first blog post as ‘myself’, “Ed Kemp, User Experience design consultant” as I transition from employment into self employment and from London into Farnham in Surrey. I have worked client side for Virgin in product management, in a research role for a small boutique agency, in a client facing role at a large creative agency, as a senior digital producer for a small socially focussed agency, and then 5 years as a UX Lead for a web development company specialising in digital products, platforms and web applications.

I’m unsure of the journey ahead where it will take me and who I will be working with, but I know its the right thing for me to do and I’m looking forward to the new challenge of working for myself!

All previous blogs I have written have been on behalf of the company I have been working for, so its exciting to just be able to be “me” and to mark this occasion with a quick blog post as I venture out on my own.

Bring it on!